All Things Upwork
July 12, 2011 by oDesk

Following the launch of our new navigation scheme, we are pleased to announce the first contractor-specific application: Find Work.

Find Work Application

Find Work brings together in one place, all things necessary for a successful job search.

Here you can find a list of appropriate jobs that match your skills, your saved searches (Find Jobs) and the ability to modify and present yourself via profile information and test results (Profile and Tests).

The Find Work application also helps you manage the jobs that you have applied for (Job Applications) and keep track of interviews and next steps on a job search.

Let’s take a closer look at what is available and what is coming soon.

Find Jobs

  • Suggested Jobs: Here you have a list of jobs that may be of interest to you. This list is created based on the categories that you have chosen.
  • Saved Searches: Get a daily email of the jobs you’re interested in. You can create a saved search easily.
  • New messages: Note that your active candidacies and job invitations are now listed in one convenient place for you. New messages are called out.

Job Applications

  • Details about your active job applications, including active candidacies, invitations and sent job applications are listed here.
  • Active candidacies are job applications that you are discussing actively with employers.
  • Invitations to interview are initiated by employers based on your job applications or via finding you in the marketplace.
  • Sent job applications list all the jobs that you have applied for, where a response has not yet been received.


  • The more you tell employers, the easier it is for them to determine the fit between your skills and their job. Complete your profile and watch the green bar grow.
  • Be sure to keep your profile up to date. Have you done any exciting projects lately? Take a moment and add them on to your profile.
  • Don’t forget portfolio items. They show the type of projects that you have done and indicate your level of experience and success.


  • Tests are a quick way of showing mastery of topics and your skills. Taking tests helps identify you as a serious and committed contractor. Over 340 tests currently are available from oDesk.

We’d like to hear from you. What’s working and what’s not working with our new navigation and our new applications?

Send us direct feedback via our survey or visit our community forum post. We look forward to hearing from you. (see screenshot below)