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One of the nice features of browser extensions is that they let you quickly access features & information from web-based services without having to visit the actual service providers’ pages.   As an oDesk employer, often times I’ve been browsing the web and had a “I wonder if I could hire an oDesk contractor to do X” moment. I imagine that oDesk contractors might have similar “I wonder if there are any jobs available for skill X” moments.

Both of these contractor and employer use-cases seemed like natural features for a browser extension, so I hired an oDesk contractor who specializes in browser-extensions to help us make a prototype.

We started with a limited–but slick–set of features, all running off our APIs:

  • Clicking on the extension logo brings up a quick contractor & job search dialog
  • If you highlight words on a page and right-click, you get a “Search in oDesk” command that returns a list of contractors or jobs with that highlighted skill.
  • On StackExchange sites, an oDesk logo is inserted next to the skills associated with a question; clicking on that logo brings up a search.

Add the oDesk extension to your Chrome browser today.

This is still a prototype, but we think it’s a great way to find contractors and jobs when you are in a “moment” and not on the oDesk site.  If our community finds it useful, we will look to add more features (and potentially make a Firefox or IE version).  Give it a try and let us know what you think in our community forum.


John Horton

Staff Economist

John Horton is the former Staff Economist at oDesk, with expertise in labor economics and online work. His work focuses on data analysis and experimentation concerning the promotion of efficient matching in the marketplace. John received a PhD in Public Policy at Harvard University for his thesis “Online Labor Markets.” He also graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point with a B.S.… read more