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It’s exciting to receive a lot of applicants to your job.  But, then you need to turn your attention to figuring out who is the best fit for your job.   And, the more applicants you have, the harder this can be.  We’ve learned that most employers at oDesk do a quick, initial assessment of each applicant, shorten their list to their top candidates, and then review their shortlist in more detail.  To make this process easier, we’ve added some new tools.

From your applicant list, you can:

 See a summary of each applicant.  Quickly flip through each of your applicants without loading a new page.

 For applicants that are a good fit, shortlist them.  You can then review in detail only these  shortlisted candidates.

 For applicants you are less interested in, hide them.  You can unhide them later if you need more candidates.

Here’s a view of the new Quickview pane, or see our short video here.

If you have big applicant lists, we know list management is critical.  Along with these new tools, you can also still decline applicants that are not right for your job, and flag applicants that aren’t appropriate.

We think these new tools will lead to easier list management and faster hires – which is good for employers and contractors.  Let us know what you think, in our community forum.

Mollie Carter

Director of Freelancer Marketing

As director of freelancer marketing, Mollie Carter brings to Elance-oDesk extensive marketing experience in the Internet and software industry. As a senior manager at PayPal, she was part of the founding team for PayPal’s first telesales organization, helping to build the team to an astounding $50M in annual revenue. While director at PayPal, Mollie led the Merchant Acquisition Marketing and Consumer Engagement Marketing divisions, developing… read more