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We recently provided data to the Wall Street Journal about the online hiring trends in the San Francisco Bay Area. While the article listed out the information on the growth of the Ukraine as a source of talent for Bay Area employers, there are a few additional compelling nuggets of data to be found:

– The United States has held the #2 spot for online workers since 2009.

– Small countries are growing and dominating as a group: work is spreading across more countries, as the number of countries included in the “Others” category grows.

– China joined the top ten countries in 2010, leapfrogged Canada for the #9 spot in 2011 (to date).

“We’re seeing rapid growth in online work over the past 7 years and now that growth is being distributed more evenly, in the sense that a wider range of countries are participating. Early on, India was incredibly dominant in the space, and–although still important and the largest country overall (in hiring statistics beyond the Bay Area)–we’ve seen tremendous growth in Eastern Europe, the Philippines, and even certain parts of Africa.” – John Horton, oDesk staff economist

Check out our infographic below to see the overall growth in online hiring from the Bay Area, and detail on how various countries are performing in the online work space.

Erica Benton

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