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One of the keys to oDesk contractor success is an impressive online profile. If your profile stands out above the rest (especially in terms of feedback and overall ratings), you are more likely to receive job interview invites from interested employers.

But should your stunning profile remain within the four walls of the oDesk website? Absolutely not! Your profile comes with its very own oDesk permalink, which you can showcase on various online networks for everyone ⎯ particularly employers ⎯ to see.

Let’s take a look at five other places to showcase your profile:

1. Business cards

business card odeskWhen marketing your services on oDesk, you send out applications. Similarly, when marketing yourself in person, you give out business cards. Handing out your cards at conferences and other professional networking events is a great way to spread the word about your freelance business.

On your business card, below your name and title, include your oDesk profile permalink. That way, when you hand a potential client your card, he will know how to contact and hire you for a project.

2. Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and more

twitter facebook google+Social media is one of many popular ways to showcase your profile online, particularly through Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. Setting up a profile or a page is easy; sharing links, videos, photos and content can be done with a few clicks of the mouse; and connecting with respected people in your field is easier than ever.

What better way to spread the word about your freelance business than to place your oDesk profile link on these social media sites? You can place the link on your Twitter profile, Facebook page, Google+ page, or all three if you think these are the best channels to market your services online.

3. LinkedIn, Zerply and other professional sites

Networks like LinkedIn, Skillpages and Zerply focus on connecting professionals and companies all over the globe. In other words, your skills, portfolio and online resume are the highlights of your profile.

Feel like you are duplicating what you have already filled out on oDesk? It may seem like it, but creating a profile on these sites is actually a great strategy because thousands of people ⎯ freelancers and employers alike ⎯ are members of these sites, and use them to network with (and even hire) talented people like you.

Choose one or two of the most popular sites and build your network from there. Who knows ⎯ your connections may turn out to be your future clients and partners.

4. Your own website and blog

website and blogYour very own website and blog are also great places to promote your oDesk profile. There are plenty of potential clients who do not use oDesk, so you can direct them there through your website and through high-quality blog posts.

You can also use the oDesk Hire Me widgets to attract potential employers whenever they visit your website. Just choose the right size and display, then place it on your sidebar for everyone to see.

5. Guest posts on popular blogs

Do you write as a guest blogger for popular industry blogs, such as those in design, writing or web development? If so, you can use your byline to direct interested readers to your oDesk profile.

As a skilled and talented freelancer with great content to share on these blogs, employers are more likely to hire you over others because they see you as an expert in your field. To them, you know what you are talking about, are aware of the latest trends in the industry, and are a great addition to their team of freelancers.

When you write your next blog post, don’t forget to include your byline and an inviting call to action ⎯ or more specifically, a call to hire you through oDesk.

Where else would you showcase your profile for prospective employers to see? Have these outlets helped you get hired on oDesk? 

Stephanie Gonzaga

Freelancer, Blogger, and Creative Writer

Stephanie Gonzaga is a freelancer and blogger of The Freelance Pinoy, a freelancing blog for the Pinoy solo professional.