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By Bryan Moore

In addition to its merits as a social platform, Twitter has become one of the best ways to discover and digest a huge volume of news, commentary and information, all tailored to your interests. If your interests happen to be technology, entrepreneurship and innovation, look no further than the Twitter accounts of these 10 gurus.

1. Robert Scoble (@Scobeleizer) – Robert Scoble has more than 250,000 Twitter followers for a reason. Combining expert tech knowledge with an entertaining dose of personality, his Twitter account provides a constant feed of engaging interviews, news and opinions on the latest in Silicon Valley.

2. Vanessa O’Connell (@VanessaOConnell) – As an editor for The Wall Street Journal, Vanessa O’Connell oversees coverage of startups, entrepreneurs and small businesses. On her Twitter feed you will find interesting updates, stories and advice for up-and-coming businesses.

3. Dave McClure (@davemcclure) – Dave McClure is an entertaining character; one look at his Twitter feed will tell you that much. The self-proclaimed Sith Lord is a founding partner at 500 Startups, an accelerator and seed fund in Silicon Valley. Dave’s connections and experience make for apt commentary on happenings in the startup world.

4. New York Times Technology (@nytimestech) – If you don’t care for the life narratives of individual reporters, The New York Times Technology Twitter feed is a convenient shortcut for quickly skimming through the latest in tech news, 140 characters at a time. These short summaries of the day’s news simplify the reading process and help you filter out anything irrelevant.

5. Jessica Stillman (@EntryLevelRebel) – A freelance writer for GigaOM, Business Insider, and Inc., Jessica Stillman blogs about business, technology, and the changing workforce. Her articles range across a number of topics, from remote work and distributed teams to entrepreneurship, providing valuable insights and entertaining stories.

6. VentureBeat (@VentureBeat) – The VentureBeat Twitter feed provides updates on tech, venture capital, and even gaming. The content is focused on startups and emerging businesses, publishing the latest in websites, software, apps and offline innovations.

7. Sarah Needleman (@sarahneedleman) – Sarah Needleman is a reporter for The Wall Street Journal, specializing in small business. Her articles on entrepreneurial and SMB issues strike a perfect balance between informative and entertaining.

8. Quentin Hardy (@qhardy) – The San Francisco-based Deputy Tech Editor for The New York Times, Quentin Hardy keeps a finger on the pulse of tech news. His Twitter feed is also a fun source of opinions and jokes.

9. TechCrunch (@TechCrunch) – The TechCrunch Twitter feed shares the latest and greatest updates about technology news and disruptive developments in the business world. The coverage ranges from mergers and acquisitions to gadget reviews.

10. Jeff Haden (@jeff_haden) – As a columnist for Inc., Jeff Haden provides insight into management and entrepreneurship. While his standard headline tweets may look unexceptional, his articles are anything but.

Who are your favorite people (or publications) to follow on Twitter? We would love to hear your additions to the list — please feel free to share them in the comments section below!

Bryan Moore

PR & Marketing Intern

Bryan Moore is the PR & Marketing Intern at oDesk. He currently attends the University of California at Berkeley, where he is pursuing a B.S. in Environmental Economics and a B.A. in Political Science.