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Week of 7/16/2012:

McKinsey Quarterly: Becoming More Strategic
A corporation’s competitive strategy dictates the activities of the entire company, from the CEO to the newest hire. In “Becoming More Strategic,” McKinsey Principal Michael Birshan argues that such a comprehensive mandate can benefit from the area-specific expertise of employees across the corporate hierarchy. Birshan offers three foundational tips to help employees assist in overall strategic efforts.

Fast Company: 5 Tips On Working Remotely
With the rise of sophisticated collaboration technologies, location is no longer a key consideration in determining who to hire. Managing geographically dispersed teams, however, confronts a leader with new and unique challenges. Darius Monsef, the founder of creative community COLOURLovers, provides five best practice tips for working and managing remotely.

FaberNovel: The Incredible Shrinking Office
From 2010 to 2012 the average number of square feet per office employee decreased by over twenty percent, a change indicative of the fundamental shifts transforming today’s workplace. Tiago Forte, a Project Manager at FaberNovel, suggests that new norms of workplace behavior and the habits of young employees are decreasing the need for expansive offices.

Inc.: Your Desk Is Making You Stupid
Do you often leave your desk exhausted after a long day of work? Recent studies, from the New York Times and the Max Planck Institute for Human Development, suggest that your desk just might be the problem. Inc.’s Jessica Stillman explains that long periods of sedentary activity can sap your energy and reduce working memory.

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