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Week of 7/2/2012:

Financial Times: Nomads of the Working World
Work is no longer restricted to the office. With the recent advances in collaboration and communication technology, a professional can achieve just as much working from the aisle seat on an airplane as from the office itself. Ian Sanders’ article in the Financial Times chronicles the experiences of five workers who do not let location restrict their productivity.

McKinsey Global Institute: The World At Work
The global labor market has exhibited significant volatility in recent years. Demographic changes and education patterns are reducing the growth rate of the global labor force, while the supply of skilled workers is tightening. In this report, McKinsey predicts that a shortage of skilled workers will be a significant constraint on future business activity, making “strategies for hiring, retaining and training” workers a crucial issue.

VentureBeat: What Not To Do In An Online Meeting
Facilitating real-time communication between contractors around the world, online meetings are a crucial facet of remote work. These meetings provide an opportunity for teams to convey their concerns, struggles and successes with immediate feedback. This article in VentureBeat provides best practice advice to help you make the most of your online meetings.

GigaOM: One Group That Really Gets Remote Work? Vacationing Small Business Owners
A recent survey from Cisco found that small business owners are increasingly leveraging remote work to balance their need for an escape with their job responsibilities. Inc. author Jessica Stillman suggests that remote work can help employees balance their professional ambitions with a desire for personal fulfillment.

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