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What is the oConomy?
A stream of new, data-based insights into the way the world is working.

What data source is the oConomy using?
The data driving the oConomy is data we collect as part of running the world’s largest online workplace. Each day, we record jobs posted on Desk, applicants sent, hours worked, tests taken, etc., for all participants in our market. This level of detail gives us an unprecedented, amazingly rich view into the workings of a real labor market. And while this view is of course interesting to oDesk and to our contractors and clients, we hope our audience is broader: never before has it been possible to know so much about how the world works.

Who’s behind the oConomy?
oDesk’s Research team, composed of data scientists and economists. They tend to be pretty modest, but I think I’m allowed to say I’m a bit in awe. A quick run down of their credentials includes PhDs from Stanford, MIT, Harvard and Columbia, professors from Stanford and NYU, and past talks at myriad universities (HBS, Wharton, University College London, University of Chicago). These are the people whose work will be featured in the oConomy.

What sort of questions does the oConomy investigate?
The oConomy will be an adventure. We can’t say exactly where our data will take us, since the way the world works is evolving rapidly. But at a high level, we will be shining light on questions such as:

  • Is online work expanding global employment opportunities?
  • How and where is the market for online work growing?
  • In what ways is online work changing the way people work?
  • What interesting geographic patterns are emerging?
  • Which skills are most in demand?

Why did we decide to share our “oConomy” insights?
oDesk has a philosophy of openness that, thanks to our co-founders, has been with us since our start. We set out to change the way people work for the better, and sharing our insights is part of our effort to do so. This philosophy has in turn attracted the great minds on oDesk’s Research Team, who enjoy being part of our mission.

Check out the first oConomy post here!

I couldn’t be more excited to see where the oConomy’s insights take us and, in the spirit of sharing, invite your comments—what do you think would be fascinating to investigate from oDesk’s data?

Shoshana Deutschkron

Senior Director of Communications

As senior director of communications, Shoshana Deutschkron brings to Upwork extensive experience in strategic communications for the technology industry. Her unique data-driven background helps uncover insights from Upwork's online workplace data. Prior to Upwork, Shoshana was a vice president at market research firm Penn Schoen Berland, where she provided research-based communications counsel for companies including Ernst & Young, HP, EA and eBay. Throughout her career,… read more