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August 17, 2012 by Jenna Weiner

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Week of 8/13/2012:

NBC: Office on Wheels—RV-Based Workers Telecommute from Anywhere
We are all familiar with working on vacation, but what about vacationing while working? This article from NBC News profiles several families who have adopted a “mobile lifestyle” and turned their RV into an office as they work online from wherever they like. With the growing prevalence of free WiFi—even at campsites—the mobile lifestyle is a feasible option for many professionals, allowing them to travel all over the country without sacrificing their income.

CFO: To Find Skilled Workers, Go Global
Thanks to today’s technology, geography is increasingly irrelevant when it comes to hiring talent and operating a business. As a result, savvy business leaders are looking outside the confines of commuting distance to access talent from around the world, and this strategy is going to become increasingly critical in the near future, according to CFO magazine. The article cites a recent study by Towers Watson and Oxford Economics, which found that 217 million workers in emerging markets—representing 60% of the global workforce—will be college-educated over the next 10 years. These workers can help fill gaps in areas such as finance, management and tech, the article reports.

FastCompany’s Co.Design: How iRobot Reimagined The Roomba As A Doctor
The telecommuting-robots coverage continues with this latest article, and what’s next for these robots? Telecommuting doctors! iRobot, which makes the vacuum-cleaning robot Roomba, has developed a robotic avatar for physicians. Called the RP-VITA, this machine allows doctors to telecommute to any hospital in the world, by navigating through the halls with an iPad and seeing patients face to face through the a webcam-enabled monitor.

Staffing Industry Analysts: Industry (Not) Lost in Translation
The language services industry is growing rapidly—at a rate of approximately 10% to 20% each year—likely due to globalization and increasing volumes of digital information, reports Staffing Industry Analysts. This report discusses the landscape of the translation/language services industry, which is largely dominated by contingent workers, and argues that the industry’s evolution provides a good model for how contingent work in general will grow in the coming years.

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