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Week of 8/27/2012:

Fast Company: Can A Corporate Culture Be Built With Digital Tools?
With telecommuting professionals making up an astounding 20% of the global workforce, companies are increasingly exploring new methods for helping teams build a cohesive corporate culture. Fast Company’s Austin Carr discusses the spread of corporate culture into the digital realm, highlighting the new strategies and technological tools companies are using to bring workers together and create an inclusive work environment for remote teams.

Forbes: Hacking Work
Should your business adopt the hacker mindset? Once considered the territory of criminals, hacking has been reframed as a mentality that challenges convention, seeking creative and disruptive ways to jumpstart progress. In this article, Salesforce VP Daniel Debow states that adopting the “hacker mentality” can help companies adapt to fundamental changes in the way we work, consequently improving workflows and promoting innovation.

Yahoo Finance: 10 Top Telecommuting Jobs To Live Abroad
As more companies give their employees the freedom to work wherever they choose, professionals are finding new opportunities to work remotely. Yahoo Finance discusses 10 of the top professions for remote work, ranging from IT and software development to health care and education.

WorkSnug: Got Mobile Workers? Here’s Why You Need Wikis
Information-sharing can be a significant challenge for companies collaborating remotely. Jim Secord, the CEO of Kashoo, suggests using company wikis to simplify information flows by allowing employees to access (and curate) the information they deem necessary. These “living documents” can arise out of necessity, improving the onboarding process for new hires and helping existing employees stay on the same page.

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