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Week of 10/26/2012:

Harvard Business Review: How Successful Virtual Teams Collaborate
Great collaboration often makes the difference between average and exceptional projects. Keith Ferrazzi writes that while the difficulties of effective collaboration can be exacerbated when working remotely, effective management can remove barriers and help teams flourish. Sharing insights gleaned from recent research on virtual teams, Ferrazzi provides five best practice tips to help virtual teams successfully collaborate.

World Bank: Influence Of High-Speed Internet On Job Creation
Wonki Min, Senior ICT Policy Specialist at the World Bank, discusses the substantial impact high-speed Internet access has had on global job creation. Min states that the spread of Internet access has been a disruptive force, but one with a net positive impact—it has spurred significant job creation through connectivity and productivity increases. He also highlights how broadband connectivity has opened markets and connected professionals in developing economies to global employment opportunities.

Huffington Post: Workplace Flexibility Gives Companies Unique Access To Professional Talent
Despite the fact that more than 20 million Americans are out of work, businesses are still struggling to fill open positions. Allison O’Kelly examines the paradox of high unemployment and high job vacancies, suggesting that this disconnect is due to disparities between the work environments professionals are seeking and those that businesses are offering. She states that, with millions of qualified Americans unemployed, integrating remote work and other flexible work arrangements into a company’s operations will help them effectively compete for great candidates. It also has the added benefit of making the business more nimble in its execution. “This is a time for agile business practices,” she writes. “A flexible, variable and as-needed workforce comprises a recession-proof hiring strategy that will move projects forward and adjust with the needs of the company.”

Lifehacker: How Being Unreachable Makes Me More Productive
Though working remotely can help you avoid the distractions and interruptions that come with working in an office, it also introduces potential distractions of its own. Craig Jarrow, a self-proclaimed ‘time management ninja,’ shares eight great tips for limiting interruptions and maximizing productivity.

SmartBlogs: 5 Simple Tips For Teleworkers
When you work from home, separating your professional life and personal life can pose a unique challenge. With dirty dishes down the hall and no commute to provide a mental transition, it can be difficult to segment your time. Telecommuter extraordinaire Lea Green provides some useful (and creative) advice for freelancers looking to perfect their work-life balance.

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