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Week of 10/5/2012:

McKinsey Quarterly: Mobility Disruption—A CIO Perspective
Abandoning a purely consumer focus, mobile technologies are poised to dramatically disrupt the enterprise tech sector and boost business productivity in the near future. This McKinsey Quarterly report argues that improvements in IT are “on the brink of a revolution” that promises to “[expand] office functionality beyond the brick-and-mortar location.” While mobility has the potential to unlock substantial productivity gains, effective implementation must surmount the key challenges of security, cost and governance.

CNN: Work From Home Soars 41% In 10 Years
According to the U.S. Census Bureau, more than 13.4 million Americans currently work from home, a staggering 41% increase from just 10 years ago. Driven by exciting IT innovations and small business creation, remote work has enabled employers to reduce office expenses and has given employees greater workplace flexibility. An unexpected leader in this fast-growing segment? The state and federal government, which have seen respective 133% and 88% increases in telecommuting.

OpenForum: The Face Of Today’s Independent Worker
Alexandra Levit writes on the emergence of ‘solopreneurs,’ workers leaving the corporate world to strike out on their own. Currently contributing “about one trillion dollars in revenue to the U.S. economy,” freelancers are becoming an increasingly key segment of the U.S. workforce. Levit shares interesting metrics on the growing ranks of freelance professionals, and predicts the mainstream emergence of freelancing.

Huffington Post: How To Be The Happiest Freelancer On Your Block
Entering the freelance workforce can seem like a daunting endeavor. Need help navigating the transition? Freelance writer David Hochman provides seven guiding principles to help you meet your deadlines, build a support network, and stay motivated when striking out as a freelancer.  

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