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Week of 11/2/2012:

HRE Online: Unleashing The Workforce
When executives at Unilever wanted to supercharge their workforce, they implemented an ambitious agile working policy, freeing employees to work whenever and wherever they desired. Initially meeting resistance from some senior managers, the program has become a resounding success, increasing productivity as well as worker loyalty. Will Bunch narrates Unilever’s shift to a flexible workforce, and discusses how the use of flex-time has revolutionized their company.

Harvard Business Review: Digital Staffing—The Future Of Recruitment-By-Algorithm
Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, a professor of Business Psychology at University College London, discusses the impact of social media and the Internet on the future of recruiting. Spending much of their lives online, modern professionals are making access to their preferences, capabilities and personal information plentiful—information that Chamorro-Premuzic argues is making it easier for recruiters to find great talent online and for candidates to find the best jobs. He argues that the Web is transforming recruiting, making it easier to find employees, widening the pool of recruits, and ramping up operational efficiencies.

Forbes: To What Extent Can A Startup Work Without An Office?
Can startups succeed without an office? Paul DeJoe, Co-founder and CEO of Ecquire, speaks to his experiences building a ‘virtual’ company. Quick to mention the difficulties faced by his team, DeJoe provides an honest look at life in a remote company. He concludes that while there are a number of reasons to adopt remote work, managers must consider their team’s dynamic and personalities of their employees before choosing to go virtual.

Washington Post: Storm Ramps Up Federal Teleworking
While Hurricane Sandy has sent most workers on the East Coast home, many government workers will not be sitting idly and waiting for the storm to pass. According to the Office of Personnel Management, during government building closures the number of government employees working remotely almost quadruples in size. Joe Davidson finds that barriers to telework are largely related to management, and not technology access, or workers ability to be productive at home.

Business Insider: Survey Says Telecommuters Happier, Healthier, And Better Balanced
Did you know that the average remote worker saves their company $10,00 per year? Ryan Mack, partner at TruYuu, writes that the positive impacts of remote work are simply too substantial to ignore.  From less stress and better health, to millions in savings, working from home promises to improve the lives of your employees–and your companies bottom line. Citing recent studies on telecommuting, Mack outlines some of the key benefits of the work from home revolution.

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