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Week of 1/18/2013:

Harvard Business Review: The Third Wave Of Virtual Work
From coworking spaces to nomadic employees, technology has enabled today’s professionals to work in new and exciting ways. Writing for Harvard Business Review, Tammy Johns and Lynda Gratton discuss the three phases of virtual work’s evolution, and explore the future of an ever-changing workforce. Johns and Gratton also share five great tips for organizations looking to successfully implement new work models and move forward into the future of work.

The Globe And Mail: The Office Of Tomorrow Is Anywhere
Whether conducting business from a boat or on the beach, Allan Rakowsky finds little need to spend time in his Toronto-based law office. His story reflects the new reality of the workforce—the office of tomorrow is truly anywhere. A recent study from Sara Mann, professor of organizational behavior at the University of Guelph, claims that flexibility is now the norm, and that the ‘where’ and ‘when’ of work have become essentially irrelevant. The article concludes that this transition exemplifies a marked change in employer mindsets, reflecting how corporations have realized the benefits of flexible work policies. “The trend is clear,” Kate Lister, president of the Telework Research Network, told the newspaper. “Both employers and employees are seeing the overwhelming advantages of workplace flexibility. Those organizations who aren’t already working toward it need to start if they expect to compete in the years ahead.”

Fast Company: The Future Of Coworking And Why It Will Give Your Business A Huge Edge
Flexible work environments have enabled companies to cater to the needs of their employees, while taking advantage of the numerous benefits that creative and collaborative workspaces can bring. One great way to reap the benefits of alternative workspaces? Promoting coworking among your employees. Lydia Dishman discusses the numerous reasons both small startups and large corporations are integrating with the coworking community.

Harvard Business Review: Elements Of Great Communication According To Aristotle
Great communication often makes the difference between a remote team thriving and floundering. Scott Edinger harks back to the wisdom of Aristotle to help solve modern-day collaborative issues. Summarizing the critical elements of communication—ethos, pathos, and logos—Edinger provides great tips for becoming a better leader today.

CNN: No Office, No Boss, No Boundaries—Rise Of The Nomadic Rich
While a three-month tour from China to Argentina may sound like a fantasy to many, some young professionals have made this lifestyle their reality, working hard while they travel the globe. Whether channeling Tim Ferriss’s ‘Four Hour Workweek’ or merely leveraging the mobile nature of their jobs to seek new experiences, the so-called ‘new rich’ have successfully disconnected from the grid to chase their dreams. Mark Manson recounts his travels, while discussing the challenges and benefits of life as an entrepreneur on the run.

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