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Week of 1/25/2013:

The Globe and Mail: The Benefits Of Telecommuting
Numerous studies have confirmed the wide-ranging benefits of telecommuting, from better time management and fewer interruptions to lower expenses and reduced stress. Surveying about 2,000 studies from recent years, the Telework Research Network shares its list of 10 proven reasons to join the telework revolution.

Lifehack: 31 Simple Ways To Maximize Efficiency In Your Home Office
As a freelancer or solo entrepreneur, your home office needs to be more than a mere desk and chair; it should be an oasis of productivity where you can truly get work done. A great home office can counteract the distractions and challenges of remote work, spurring increased productivity. Lifehack offers 31 ways to improve your home office in the new year.

Spin Sucks: Getting Things Done—Why Working At Home Is Better
Between wandering co-workers, non-stop email alerts and constant ambient conversations, the average professional is interrupted every three minutes while in the office. One way to escape? Working from home, writes Gini Dietrich, can give professionals solace from the distractions of the modern office. While a knock at the door from the mailman may replace a gossipy office colleague, Dietrich suggests that careful planning and some smart precautions can help workers thrive without leaving the house.

The Globe and Mail: Still On Worker Productivity? Think Profitability Instead
It is a rare day for Paul Barter when even a third of his employees are around the office—but this does not worry Paul one bit. Eschewing cubicles in favor of laptops and data plans, most of Paul’s colleagues work virtually, rarely coming into the office altogether. Wallace Immen explores the ways innovative firms are using flexible work practices to drive business productivity and keep their employees happy.

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