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Week of 1/4/2013:

VSee: Remote Work—A Big Weapon For Small Companies In The War For Talent
How can your small company run with the big boys in the talent wars? Jessica Stillman suggests that while small companies might not be able to compete with tech giants on compensation alone, offering candidates the option to work remotely can help small firms stand out in the recruiting arena. Stillman discusses numerous benefits of remote work initiatives, highlighting its ability to help firms transcend geographic constraints and find workers with the skills they need.

Harvard Business Review: Get Ready For The New Workforce  
With baby boomers set to retire in droves in the coming years, the U.S. labor force is on the verge of a stunning transition—one that holds significant implications for how companies will hire and manage talent in the years ahead. Ron Ashkenas discusses the likely impacts of this shift, as well as the steps managers can take to minimize potential disruptions. His advice? Plan for the transition well in advance to ensure organizational continuity and prepare your firm for a new generation of workers.

Business2Community: How To Prevent Your Work-From-Home Job From Taking Over Your Life
While leaving the office behind to pursue the freelance life may sound rather idyllic, for many, the transition comes with growing pains. One of the largest issues new telecommuters face is the struggle to find an effective balance between their work and personal lives. Nancy Perkins shares three tips to help freelancers minimize any conflicts that might arise.

The Wall Street Journal: How To Be A Better Boss In 2013
When looking at how to improve your team in 2013, why not start with you? A team of Wall Street Journal contributors and management mavens offers a handful of great tips to sharpen your management prowess. From minimizing clutter and breaking through skills plateaus to motivating your team, this expert advice should help you lead your team to new heights in the coming year.

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