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Week of 2/1/2013:

HR Magazine: The Future Of Work Is Mobile
Is the end near for cubicles? With close to 40% of the workforce predicted to be working remotely by 2015, time may be short for the office as we know it. Steve Hemsley discusses the predicted demise of the physical office and why a growing number of companies are embracing the mobile workforce. Despite cultural resistance from some managers, Hemsley suggests that corporations are beginning to accept the business case for remote work, especially as a tool to attract the next generation of professionals.

Fast Company: Why You Should Work From A Coffee Shop Even If You Have An Office
When Family Records found themselves in between leases, they moved out of the office and into the coffee shop. Almost a year—and a new office—later, many of their employees still choose to spend a few days a month working off-site. Wesley Verhoeve, founder of Family Records, outlines the rationale for why it’s smart to work outside of the office, and shares useful tips for those working on the go.

Perkins+Will Blog: The Potential Of Teams
With teams spread across the country, employees at Perkins+Will have experienced firsthand the challenges of perfecting teamwork at a distance. Maria Manion, Rachel Casanova and Roshelle Ritzenthaler share the key strategies that have enabled them to collaborate seamlessly from hundreds of miles away. They advise teams working remotely to find a rhythm, be flexible, be sociable, and find the tools that work for them.

Business2Community: Internal Communication—And Lots Of It—Keys To Telecommuting Success
As a remote worker, touching base with colleagues is no longer as simple as a walk down the hall. Luckily, with some smart planning and intuitive technology, it can feel like you never left the office at all. Experienced remote worker Erin Lawley advises rookie telecommuters to bypass any potential communication mishaps through discussing expectations, calling your coworkers, and attending meetings virtually to stay in the loop.

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