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Week of 3/21/2013:

Harvard Business Review: How WordPress Thrives With A 100% Remote Workforce
Automattic Inc., the company behind WordPress, exemplifies the concept of a truly distributed company. Working without an office, Automattic has succeeded in making WordPress the 15th most trafficked website in the world. Intrigued by the company’s accomplishments, author Scott Berkun decided to join the company for a year as a team leader to explore the world of distributed work. Writing for Harvard Business Review, Berkun shares his takeaways from his time in the remote workforce—finding that, when managed efficiently, dispersed workforces can offer companies staggering benefits.

Fast Company: Telecommuting Works If You Intentionally Design It
From American Express and JetBlue to GlaxoSmithKline, telecommuting has been sweeping through the working world. While working remotely may be more convenient than ever, navigating the path to remote work success is hardly so simple. Using Yahoo’s remote work ban as a case study on outdated management, Daniel W. Rasmus shares tips to help businesses build accountability, foster collaboration, and stimulate employee development.

Associations Now: 3 Ways To Manage Your Telecommuting Workforce
With more than 11% of the American workforce already telecommuting, the ability to effectively manage remote workers will be a crucial skill for the next generation of professionals. While interacting with colleagues outside the office brings greater challenges, the right preparation and policies can bring remote collaboration to new heights. Anita Ferrer offers three great tips for successfully managing remote teams, emphasizing the importance of trust, technology and tools.

Business Insider: 15 Awesome Free Office Spaces For Freelancers, From Singapore To Brazil
As a freelancer, the freedom to work wherever you like opens the doors to a realm of new possibilities. With more and more firms embracing the creative benefits of a vibrant work environment, many companies are opening up their offices to freelancers. If you are on the go—or just looking for a new place to work—check out Jim Edwards’ list of inspiring office spaces for freelancers.

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