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Week of 3/29/2013:

Forbes: The Young And The Restless—True Tales From The Location-Independent Workforce

While ‘remote work’ may conjure images of the home office or kitchen table, a new generation of independent workers are taking the concept of the ‘global office’ literally. Taking their skills on the road, these freelancers combine work with travel, exploring the world while they work. J. Maureen Henderson shares the stories of four young professionals for whom borders are not boundaries.

The New Yorker: How Does Telecommuting Work?

As the media frenzy surrounding Yahoo!’s decision to eliminate remote work dies down, James Surowiecki once again weighs in on the growing trend of telecommuting, this time providing a thorough review of the pros and cons of remote work. Lauding the cost savings and freedom of remote work, Surowiecki refutes a number of remote work myths and stresses the importance of integrating remote employees within the larger organization.

Harvard Business Review: Reaching Across Cultures Without Losing Yourself

In order to harness top talent businesses must think globally, looking far and wide to find the best candidate for the job. As a result, this new age of global networks has brought new challenges to managers who are coordinating the efforts of multicultural teams. In this interview with the Harvard Business Review, Andy Molinsky discusses his new book “Global Dexterity,” and shares his insight into the ways managers can tailor their management styles and use cultural knowledge to motivate and engage employees on distributed teams.

Forbes: 3 Ways To Take Advantage Of The Virtual Workforce

From VoIP and video conferencing to VPNs, professionals have more ways than ever to connect outside the office. While most businesses are aware of the substantial benefits remote work can bring, getting started can be a daunting endeavor. Entrepreneur Louis Lautman shares three great tips for employers looking to take advantage of the virtual workforce, from recruiting top talent quickly, to boosting output, to leveraging the talent you already have.

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