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Week of 4/12/2013:

Huffington Post: Congress Finally Has A Good Idea—Telecommute
A common critique of American politics is that because congressmen must leave their districts to serve in Washington, they are prone to push aside constituent concerns in favor of the opinions that surround them. New Mexico Congressman Steve Pearce recently introduced legislation that some believe may remedy this issue—a resolution creating a “virtual Congress” that enables lawmakers to work virtually from their home districts, even debating and voting remotely. Sara Sutton Fell explains why she believes a telecommuting Congress could could have a widespread positive impact in the U.S.

The Economist: The Jobs Machine—Immigration and America’s High-Tech Industry
Immigrant entrepreneurs have contributed to some of the greatest business innovations in the U.S., founding an astounding 40% of Fortune 500 companies. But is America abandoning this job-creating contingent? In the midst of an enormous talent crunch, as well as stagnant jobs growth, many are suggesting that arcane immigration policies are constraining the country’s growth potential. High-tech firms—one of the largest sources of job growth in the U.S. economy—are hoping the remedy will lie in the ability to tap far-flung talent along with recent efforts to reform antiquated immigration policies.

Forbes: Will Leaders Embrace Talent In A Cloud?
Is ‘Talent-as-a-Service’ the next logical step in the cloud revolution? The movement towards project-based work has given companies the ability to find the talent they need, when they need it most. In this article, Meghan M. Biro discusses the potential impact ‘Talent-as-a-Service’ will have on freelancers and businesses. She concludes that a new focus on contingent hiring promises to fundamentally change the ways that businesses access talent, bringing a world of new opportunity to freelancers.

The Atlantic Wire: How To Make Working Outside Work For You
Are you ready to venture out past your desk and into the world of outdoor work? With summer just around the corner, it is as good a time as ever to break out of your home—or office—and get a change of scenery. Jen Doll offers great advice for professionals looking to work in the great outdoors, from what to wear to what to work on. 

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