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Week of 4/19/2013:

The Wall Street Journal: Telecommuting Boosts Firms’ Revenue Growth
For many startups, revenue growth can be an almost singular concern. Strong growth can help firms scale their businesses, expand their offerings, and gain more funding. Rachel Emma Silverman writes on a recent IDC study, which found that businesses offering telecommuting options were likely to grow faster than those that did not. While the study does not claim the relationship is causal, IDC research VP Ray Boggs hypothesized that the growth might be due to the greater productivity of remote employees.

Forbes: Want To Go Green? Shut Your Office Down
The business case for remote work is clear—higher productivity, lower costs, and happier workers can all provide a substantial boost to a company’s bottom line. But what about the environmental benefits? The Cutler Group founder Zach Cutler argues that remote work and virtual communication tools now allow companies to largely do away with waste in the workplace—eliminating paper waste, fuel consumption, and even the office itself. In this article, Cutler provides four great tips for ‘greening’ your home office.

The Guardian: How Flexible Working Can Benefit You And Your Employees
With flexible work policies, employees can get the job done wherever and whenever they need to. This freedom and agility is just one of the benefits cited by Vodafone UK marketing director Peter Boucher in his thorough explanation of the benefits of flex-work. Boucher shares the reasons he believes remote work policies are an innovative business strategy, while offering five tips for successfully adopting flexible work policies.

Huffington Post: Turning Desks Into Dosh
Could freeing your workforce aid your bottom line? A recent survey conducted by Yougov suggests that by allowing professionals to work flexibly, UK businesses could save a combined £34 billion. Peter Boucher explains how allowing your employees to work remotely can bring substantial savings.

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