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Week of 5/10/2013:

ReadWrite: Remote Work vs. Collaboration—8 Startups Weigh In
Marissa Mayer’s decision to eliminate teleworking at Yahoo! has resulted in the widespread re-examination of remote work. But are startups following Mayer’s lead? Scott Gerber of the Young Entrepreneur Council asks eight entrepreneurs why, how and when they allow their teams to work remotely. While their answers varied, a common thread was the role great collaboration tools and consistent communication play in their telecommuting success stories. 

Forbes: Why Investing In A More Mobile Workforce Makes Sense
The expansion of the mobile workforce has toppled cubicle walls and replaced the standard 9-to-5 workday with a new paradigm for the modern office. With distributed teams, companies can form and operate in new and exciting ways—finding new workers online and collaborating via the cloud. Ryan Galloway discusses mobile technology’s impact on workplace transformation and offers a number of key tips for adding mobile talent to your team. 

LinkedIn: Why Employees Shouldn’t Have Hours
Is your company stuck in the 20th century? Ciplex founder Ilya Pozin argues that set office hours are outdated—and could be hurting your business. Pozin advocates eliminating schedules and giving employees the freedom they desire, suggesting that increased autonomy will boost productivity, build trust and amplify teamwork.

TechCrunch: There Is In Fact A Tech-Talent Shortage And There Will Always Be
A recent Economic Policy Institute study claiming that the ‘tech talent shortage’ is little more than a myth set off a media firestorm over the past two weeks, bringing increased attention to the immigration reform debate. The study suggested that a surplus of U.S. graduates in STEM fields and stagnant wage growth in these areas demonstrate that there is far from a dearth of tech talent in the U.S. Gregory Ferenstein provides a critical summary of the EPI study, concluding that without programs allowing foreign entrepreneurs into the U.S., the ‘talent shortage’ will be a perpetual problem. 

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Bryan Moore

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