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Week of 5/17/2013:

Forbes: The Re-Definition Of Entrepreneurship And Rise Of Freedom-Seeking Freelancers
Is the definition of entrepreneurship evolving? A recent survey by oDesk and Millennial Branding found that 90% of professionals define entrepreneurship as a mindset—not founding a business. Dan Schawbel, the founder of Millennial Branding, writes about the growth in entrepreneurship among millennials, many of whom are embracing the independence of entrepreneurship as the starting place for their careers. Striving for the freedom to pursue their passions, Schawbel states that millennials and seasoned professional alike are joining the freelance revolution.

Knowledge@Wharton: Productivity In The Modern Office—A Matter Of Impact
Marissa Mayer’s decision to rein in Yahoo!’s far-flung workers has resulted in a renewed debate on how we define productivity in the workplace. While productivity was once simply measured in production figures, the knowledge economy presents new challenges for managers looking to quantify their employees’ achievements. Jordan Cohen suggests that managers must tailor policies to the work of individual employees, eschewing blanket policies for productivity measurements that recognize the nuances of modern work.

The Globe and Mail: When The Boss Is In Another Area Code
When Libby Cantwell was recently offered a big promotion, she found herself torn. While the new position would be a great step for her career, she was reluctant to move away from friends and family to an entirely new city. Luckily for Ms. Cantwell, she did not have to choose. Taking advantage of email, instant messaging and video conferences, Cantwell manages a thirty-person team without having to leave home. Wallace Immen discusses the growing prevalence of remote management and collaboration in the workforce, and outlines how managers can adapt to the challenges it presents.

Business2Community: How Cloud Computing And Mobility Are Changing The Hiring Process
While cloud storage and collaboration technologies are commonplace in the workforce, there is one area where the cloud revolution has yet to reach its potential—hiring and recruiting. Sajjad Masud suggests that cloud tools will fundamentally change recruitment, making the process more participatory and painless. From recruiting to contacting potential employees on the go and sharing employee referrals in the cloud, new technology is poised to transform how we recruit new employees.

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Bryan Moore

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