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Week of 5/31/2013:

Financial Times: The Benefits Of Business WIth No Fixed Abode
Is a coffee shop a better office than an office itself? Chris Ward, the author of Out of Office, would certainly say so. Luke Johnson, founder of StartUp Britain, discusses Ward’s new book and the many reasons professionals are finding entrepreneurial success outside of the office. Johnson concludes that joining the ‘anti-office movement’ can help your business stay happy and productive—all while saving money.

Ruby=MC2: How To Work Remotely As A Software Developer
Working remotely provides the opportunity to work wherever and however you like. But how do you stay on task with so many new distractions? Software developer Mark Campbell shares great insights from a year spent working remotely. He advises remote workers to find an effective workspace, develop a routine, focus on communication and set limits to ensure that your work life—and your home life—can thrive.

The Globe and Mail: Four Tips For Hiring The Best Millennial Workers
With 40 million millennials already in the job market and another 35 million set to join the workforce by 2025, millennials are poised to dictate the next generation of business success. Raised in the technological age, millennials have different work styles and preferences than prior generations, necessitating new strategies to attract and keep top talent. Echoing the results of oDesk’s recent survey with Millennial Branding, this article provides four tips for appealing to the needs of millennial workers—highlighting the importance of flexibility, mentorship, and work/life balance.

Harvard Business Review: Connecting With Your Foreign-Born Employees
Connecting with employees is a crucial task for any manager. Strong relationships promote engagement, communication, and the spread of ideas throughout your organization. So how do you effectively cross cultural barriers to connect with international team members? Andy Molinsky suggests that great managers focus on empathy, understanding and common ground to build strong connections with diverse talent.

Forbes: Why Coworking Spaces Are Here To Stay
With more and more entrepreneurs and independent professionals looking to work in flexible and mobile ways, coworking facilities have seen a huge increase in demand. Drawn to low overhead costs and strong creative communities, these professionals are increasingly gravitating toward non-traditional spaces to get work done. Karsten Strauss explains the rise of coworking—and why he believes coworking spaces are here to stay.

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