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Week of 5/3/2013:

Harvard Business Review: Impress Your Foreign Boss

Work cultures around the world vary greatly, and Enrique Llamas discovered this the hard way at his new job. Adhering to the workstyle he had learned in Mexico, Enrique’s reserve around his boss was taken as a sign of disengagement with his team. Brandeis professor Andy Molinsky shares great tips for impressing your foreign boss and assimilating to a new culture.

The Financial Times: Future Hiring Will Be All About Reputation

Is it time to throw away your resume? Belinda Johnson argues that with contingent labor on the rise, companies are starting to stray away from the traditional resume and focus on reputation, productivity and achievements—not your grade in English 101. Johnson concludes that the future of recruitment lies in businesses’ ability to tap into ‘specialist communities,’ where recommendations and reputation will drive hiring.

Forbes: Coworking—Is It Just A Fad Or The Future Of Business?

The transition to the mobile office and the rise of independent professionals have redefined the ways millions of people work today. Moving out of the office and into the world, contingent professionals are constantly on the lookout for new, creative work environments. Adriana Lopez shares her take on why freelancers are flocking to a new generation of co-working spaces.

Mashable: The Trick To Managing Remote Employees

New technologies have enabled companies to find great talent around the world at the click of a mouse. But now that you’ve built a great team, what’s next? A new study from University of Illinois business professor Ravi Gajendran found that subtle tweaks in management behavior can greatly improve relationships with remote talent. Rejecting traditional top-down management styles, the study found that relationship-based approaches can help ‘bridge the virtual gap’ and build strong partnerships with dispersed employees.

CiteWorld: Embracing Mobile And Cloud Means Spending Less On Office Space

Remote employees are happier, less stressed, and more productive than their in-office counterparts. One more reason to support flexible work policies in your office? Embracing mobile technology can save you a bundle. Matt Rosoff deconstructs a recent survey by Rackspace and the Manchester School of Business  on the cost-saving benefits of mobile technology and the cloud.

The Morton Report: How To Work From Home Efficiently

The many benefits of remote work have spurred the increased adoption of flexible work policies by businesses around the world. Working from home, however, brings new challenges that typical office-goers may have yet to experience. Freelancer Nancy Perkins shares three tips to working efficiently from home, urging budding freelancers to create an environment conducive to work, create a realistic schedule, and focus on their achievements.

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