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Week of 6/14/2013:

CNN // Number Of Freelancers Growing In The U.S. (Video)
When Dan Carroll started Leap 2 he did not have a single full-time employee; instead, he used online workers to move the company forward. With more than 17 million Americans currently identifying as independent workers — a number that’s growing quickly — employers like Dan are finding it easier than ever to find talented freelancers. Tom Foreman discusses the freedom that professionals are finding by leaving the traditional workforce and how small companies are leveraging this new source of talent.

Financial Times // Furniture And Design Products For People Who Work From Home
The mobile workforce has packed coffee shops, created a coworking boom, and accelerated the spread of free wireless networks. Its latest impact? Inspiring a reimagining of furniture design and creating a market for products that help professionals work and play in one space. Jennifer Krichels writes on the creative ways designers are appealing to mobile employees.

Intuit // The Smart Way To Communicate With Remote Workers
Remote workers can broaden your talent pool, increase staff flexibility and reduce overhead. But how can you bridge the distance gap and communicate with far-flung teams? Sarah Johnson shares four great tips for managing remote talent.

Mashable // I Quit My Job To Live In A Tent And Write Code
When Thomas Backlund decided to leave his job he threw caution to the wind, leaving his apartment behind and moving into the Swedish forest. An entrepreneur and developer, Backlund moved into a tent to pursue developing his startup without distraction. In an intriguing article posted on Mashable, Backlund details his experience squeezing his life into a backpack and bootstrapping his business from the hiking trails of Sweden.

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Bryan Moore

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