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Week of 6/21/2013:

The Globe & Mail // Six Tips On How To Work From Home Successfully
As workplace flexibility becomes a global best practice, millions of professionals are stepping out of the office and adopting remote work. Millennial Branding founder (and oDesk survey partner) Dan Schawbel shares six great tips for excelling at work—whether you are working from an office, a coffee shop or your couch. Schawbel emphasizes the importance of constant communication, good planning, and great technology in helping remote workers thrive.

The Next Web // 6 Ways To Make It Feel Like Your Whole Remote Workforce Is Together In The Same Room
Virtual teams can enable you to tap talent from anywhere in the world, broaden your company’s reach, and minimize costs. But how can you manage effectively when your team is spread all over the globe? Martin Bryant explains the six key tenets ‘The Next Web’ (TNW) relies on to collaborate from San Francisco to Thailand (and many places in between). Bryant states that in order to take physical distance out of the equation, TNW has focused on spurring communication, sharing information, bonding with teams, and tending especially closely to new hires.

The New York Times // Global Competence Is Vital In Business
Globalization has transformed the world of work, connecting professionals all over the map. In an increasingly interconnected world, becoming a cultural chameleon is more important than ever. Alexandra Levit details her dive into cross-continent communication, and provides great tips to help refine your global competence.

Mashable // 4 Reasons To Offer Employees Flexible Schedules
Prefer late night coding to early morning meetings? Find that a cafe or library is your perfect work environment? You’re going to like the future of work, where flexibility is the name of the game. Sharlyn Lauby discusses the current state of flexible work and the numerous ways it can help your business.

Inc. // Four Habits Of Highly Successful Remote Teams
Virtual offices do away with tradition—no water cooler, no commute, no suit. In order to succeed virtually, great remote teams acknowledge the challenges of working remotely while finding innovative ways to surmount them. Walter Chen, co-founder of iDoneThis, writes about the creative ways companies are making remote work work for them.

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Bryan Moore

PR & Marketing Intern

Bryan Moore is the PR & Marketing Intern at oDesk. He currently attends the University of California at Berkeley, where he is pursuing a B.S. in Environmental Economics and a B.A. in Political Science.