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Week of 6/28/2013:

Wired // The New Workplace Reality: Out Of The Office
Working, quite simply, is an action. So does it truly necessitate an accompanying location? According to Naveen Narayanan, it most certainly does not. As more professionals ditch the traditional office for a bevy of alternative spaces, Narayanan states that this trend is becoming far too large for employers to ignore. Narayanan argues that mixed strategies—combining focused remote work with in-office collaboration—will help employees perform to the best of their abilities.

Forbes // Managing Virtual Teams: Ten Tips
With teams increasingly spread across the globe, managers are constantly looking for new ways to keep everyone on the same page. Professor Sebastian Reiche of IESE Business School provides 10 tips to help keep your remote management on point. Reiche emphasizes the importance of human contact, team bonding, and a sensitivity to time zones.

Forbes // Five Trends Shaping The Future Of Work
As new technologies, generations, and ideas circulate through the workplace, organizations adapt, testing new theories and finding creative ways to work more effectively. Forbes contributor Jacob Morgan states that today’s trends are often tomorrow’s best practices, and hints that—in the case of work flexibility—adoption is likely the path to future success. Discussing the recent trajectories of social media for the enterprise, collaborative technology, the cloud, millennials and mobile work, Morgan suggests that the ability to utilize these trends will largely determine a company’s success in the coming years.

Wall Street Journal // Is Your Office Making You Unproductive?
The open office was seen as a harbinger of great things to come in modern workplace design. It would bring teams together, boost interaction, and tear down stuffy corporate cubicle walls. A recent study from the global design firm Gensler, however, suggests that the open office may in fact be hindering the very productivity it intended to promote. Rachel Emma Silverman discusses the ways office design can impact worker productivity.

Parade // Four Reasons Why Freelancing Is The New Career
Want to wear pajamas to the office? How about doing away with the office altogether? With over 40% of the U.S. workforce projected to be freelancing by 2020, more professionals are setting off on their own career paths. Heather R. Huhman shares four reasons that freelancing is taking off today.

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