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Week of 7/26/2013:

CNN Money | Home vs. Office: Where Should you Work?
Working from home is a valued perk for some workers, but what is its impact on innovation? Some employers think that serendipitous in-person encounters foster collaboration, while advocates for telecommuting counter that people who work from home can be more productive. Laura Vanderkam argues that innovation isn’t particularly relevant to where you work, and highlights business consultant Alan Gregerman’s suggestion to take employees on unconventional “field trips” to inspire new ideas and creativity.

Inc. | Hiring a Remote Worker? 7 Interview Questions to Ask
In the aftermath of Yahoo’s decision to ban remote work, many are still discussing if — and how — remote work can be implemented effectively. Jessica Stillman shares ITWorld’s Esther Schindler’s advice on what businesses should ask when interviewing candidates for remote work. Schindler’s questions are designed to identify people who can stay focused, driven and efficient without the structure of an office. Stillman also shares Sara Sutton Fell’s recommendation that it’s critical when hiring an off-site team member to find someone who is passionate about the job.

The Guardian | How Flexible Work Can Save the Economy
According to The Flex Factor Report, a comprehensive study conducted by the think tank RSA and paid for by Vodafone UK, adopting flexible work plans would save the British economy £8.1 billion per year and generate significant personal benefits for individual workers. To make this a reality, Jonathan Kini, commercial marketing director at Vodafone, argues that there must be a top-down culture shift that encourages increased trust between employers and workers. Kini’s employer (Vodafone UK) as well as many other companies have embraced this philosophy with much success.

The Telegraph | More Mums Working from Home and the Rise of the ‘Mumpreneurs’
A growing number of women are quitting their full-time jobs and developing their own businesses from home in search of better work-life balance. Roxanne Allen reports that technology has enabled this group of mothers who run their own businesses from home — which they call ‘mumpreneurs’ — to be successful with their careers while spending more time with their kids.

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