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Week of 9/20/2013:

Forbes | In The Future Will We Be Working For An Algorithm?
Analyzing the discussion from last month’s SXSW V2V thought leadership panel, “Future of Work: Evolve or Go Extinct,” Scott Allison speculates about what the coming era of work may look like for businesses and workers alike. He extrapolates a future in which flexible is the norm, and maintaining company culture and human interaction becomes the differentiator between successful and machine-like companies.

Entrepreneur | 6 Tips for Managing Millennials (Whether You Find Them to be Entitled or Not)
Millennials represent an increasingly large proportion of the workforce, bringing with them vastly different workplace expectations, skills and priorities. Building off of a recent panel with Dan Schawbel, Kate Taylor offers advice to managers looking to understand what motivates younger employees. She points out that creating a flexible, results-based work environment is the most important incentive across all generations, as opposed to the traditional emphasis on simply measuring hours spent in the office.

U.S. News & World Report | The Top 6 Reasons Independent Work is Here to Stay
Freelancing is no fad—skilled workers across the globe increasingly value the flexibility and freedom remote work provides. Together with Gene Zaino of MBO Partners, Miriam Salpeter presents six trends that will cement independent work as an attractive alternative to traditional employment for years to come. Now more than ever before, social networking, virtual collaboration, and online marketplace tools are enabling workers to break free of the confines of the traditional, office-based 9-to-5 job.

Shareable | The Past, Present & Future of Work in the Peer Economy
How will we choose to shape the new era of online, “bespoke” work? Introducing her new column, Denise Cheng looks ahead to the pressing questions surrounding the future of work in a peer economy. The rise of freelancers and the shift away from the 9-to-5 workday creates uncertainty around equity, healthcare, and company culture among independent workers.

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