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Week of 9/20/2013:

Fast Company | How To Manage A Flexible Workforce, and Make Sure Work-At-Home Employees Keep Innovating
Are companies that allow employees to work outside of the office and 9-to-5 business hours lacking innovation? Jennifer Owens, editorial director of Working Mother magazine, disagrees with Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer’s controversial ban on working from home. In an interview with Laura Vanderkam, Owens gives advice for managing a flexible workforce while boosting both productivity and creativity.

Freelancers Union | Gig On! Freelancers Are Well-Compensated, Optimistic About Next Year
42 million Americans classify themselves as independent workers—a number projected to grow to 60 million by 2020. As contingent and contract-based work becomes an increasingly viable option for many, Lindsay Van Thoen of Freelancers Union shared an infographic on life as a freelancer. Pulling data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Global Workplace Analytics, and others, the infographic details the advantages and disadvantages of working from home on a daily basis.

PandoDaily | and the Future of Work
Automattic, the company behind, has become a leader in web development by embracing a remote work model and virtual teams. Employees are free to work from anywhere in the world and their performance is measured by results rather than hours spent in an office. Drawing from his recently published book, The Year Without Pants: and the Future of Work, Scott Berkun divulges behind-the-scenes insights from his year spent working with Automattic.

AOL: Jobs | Why Everyone Should Freelance
More now than ever before, employers are looking to hire part-time and contract workers; Miriam Salpeter points out the many opportunities created for freelancers as a result of this growing trend. Listing out the benefits of going freelance, Salpeter urges readers who are looking for flexibility and independence to shift their job search from traditional full-time positions to freelance openings.

New York Post | Freelance Gigs More Desirable
How can employees escape the corporate grind and take back control over their careers? Gregory Bresiger explores how designers, photographers, accountants, and more have broken free and found work on their own terms. Included in the article are New York residents who explain their reasons for becoming independent professionals and adopting a new way of working.

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