All Things Upwork

Editor’s Note: This post was written by Shmueli Ahdut, co-founder and CTO at Crossrider.

As co-founder and CTO of a growing company, I know it can be challenging to find and hire the best talent. At Crossrider, we make creating cross-browser extensions easy – but our customers were having trouble finding skilled developers who could build the extensions they wanted.

Often, those customers would turn to us and ask whether we knew of any developers who could assist them. oDesk quickly became our go-to talent resource.

We’d known about oDesk for some time, and decided to informally recommend it as a platform for people to find, hire, manage and pay freelancers. As we heard positive feedback from our clients and saw the quality of the extensions built, it became an easy decision to refer additional customers to professionals on oDesk. This easy access to skills enables our clients to build the great browser extensions they envision, and allows us to focus on our core business.

Because of this mutually beneficial relationship, we’re excited to announce a formal partnership with oDesk as we launch the Crossrider Developer Marketplace. This marketplace gives our customers direct access to skilled programmers and developers on oDesk, while helping members of the Crossrider freelance developer community distinguish themselves on oDesk and access more jobs.

As part of this launch, we also created a custom Crossrider group on oDesk to help developers who use our framework access more job opportunities. If you’re a developer with experience in Crossrider, JavaScript and jQuery, visit and click “Join this Group.”

All group members will receive an official Crossrider badge on their oDesk profile. This badge signifies technical distinction and expertise at a glance, providing a competitive advantage when applying to the many Crossrider-related jobs available right now on oDesk.

We look forward to seeing all the exciting things Crossrider clients and oDesk developers will build together!

Shmueli Ahdut, Founder and CTO at CrossriderShmueli Ahdut is co-founder and CTO of Crossrider, an easy-to-use framework to build cross-browser extensions.