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Week of 10/18/2013:

Wired | Workplace 2020: Sourcing Talent for the Workplace of the Future
A cultural shift is coming as digital natives enter the workforce; easy access to technology and “ubiquitous access to work” are driving recruiters to find new ways to uncover top talent. How will successful companies stay ahead when it comes to hiring? Michael George says the pending shift calls for greater emphasis on social channels, online work platforms, and crowdsourcing services. He also emphasizes that company culture must be fostered beyond office walls: “Your Workplace 2020 needs to be the kind of place employees want to come and work…without being a ‘place’ at all.” Flexibility and agility are key as the pace of workplace change accelerates.

GigaOM | The Future of Work: New Paths to Productivity
The “new normal” for business isn’t what it used to be – even five years ago – and executives are actively trying to move beyond the status quo. Many of today’s professionals are constantly connected to their work, independent of time and place. With the reality of ubiquitous devices and cloud solutions, IT departments now face crucial trade-offs between access and control over business systems and policies. Analyzing interactions between workers, IT administrators and executives, Stowe Boyd explores the behind-the-scenes dynamics of the future of work.

Huffington Post | 5 Tips for Working From Home
The switch from working in a corporate office to working remotely can prove to be tricky at first. Gracie Gordon shares her advice for maximizing both comfort and productivity when working from home – and it starts with setting up a dedicated workspace.

Sydney Morning Herald | Half of Australia Is Working Online After Hours – and Liking It
Half of Australia’s workforce spends at least a few hours working remotely each week, according to recent research by the Australian Communications and Media Authority. When surveyed, workers cited more flexibility, higher productivity, better work-life balance, and shorter commutes as benefits of being away from the office. Lucy Battersby examines workforce reactions and opinions on telecommuting as the practice becomes more common.

Real Business | How Organisations Can Successfully Implement Remote Working
Businesses are shedding early impressions of remote work and implementing solutions to help move work beyond office walls. A recent pan-European study commissioned by Canon found that the number of their employees who work remotely has increased by 30 percent over the past few years. Francis Thornhill translates these changing perceptions of online work into actionable insights for small business owners looking to stay ahead of the curve.

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