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Week of 10/25/2013:

Harvard Business Review | You Don’t Have to Be in Silicon Valley to Build the Next Great Internet Company
If the first Internet revolution was about connecting people, AOL founder and venture capitalist Steve Case believes that the second uses the Internet as a disruptive change agent. Case predicts that this new wave of innovation will focus on transforming our lives through areas like education and healthcare – something that will shift the entrepreneurial center of gravity away from traditional hubs towards Washington D.C. In an interview with Walter Frick, Case shares his insider take on the future of innovation and “the rise of the rest” across the country.

Harvard Business Review | Don’t Build Your Startup Outside of Silicon Valley
The shift Case describes may be moving startups away from places like the Silicon Valley, Boston and New York, but Maxwell Wessel says the data paints a less optimistic picture. Startups are popping up around the country, but when it comes to funding, acquisition and overall success, the odds are stacked against those that are further afield. The environments in startup communities, Wessel says, are fundamentally different; those gaps will need to be bridged before location can cease to be a factor.

Wired | Cloud Computing and the Brave New World
Today’s collaboration and communication tools have removed physical obstacles to remote work. As a result, remote work alternatives are replacing commutes, office leases, and in-person meetings. Citing the rise of cloud computing infrastructures, Nikolaus Kimla explains why today’s work environment is pushing changes in corporate culture and enabling a more democratic enterprise.

Institute for the Future | Artifact from the Future: Reputation Statement
Decades from now, the saying “a good reputation is more valuable than money” may become a reality. In a snapshot of a monthly “Reputation Statement of Account”, the Institute for the Future suggests that in the future contributions to wikis, recycling, and other cooperative behaviors may build an economy around the currency of collaboration. Similar to today’s Results-Only Work Environment, people would receive compensation based directly on their contributions.

Entrepreneur | How to Protect Corporate Culture in a Telecommuting World
When hiring online or implementing telecommuting policies, business leaders can face uncertainty around maintaining their company culture. Guiding readers through the decision-making process, Lindsay Broder describes six questions to consider when evaluating remote work as a flexible business solution

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