The Way We Work
November 4, 2013 by Jenna Weiner

Remote work is not one-size-fits-all. For some, working from home means uninterrupted productivity; for others, it means lonely distraction. While it’s certainly different for every person, there is a larger theme—remote work productivity is often linked to type of work.

One perspective, the “maker/manager” theory, argues that “makers”—those who produce work, including designers, developers, writers, analysts, etc.—are more productive working remotely, while “managers” are more productive with the in-person collaboration that an office provides. oDesk CEO Gary Swart recently discussed this theory in an article about why some work is better done remote, and oDesk’s VP of Engineering was quoted as saying:

“There’s an uninterrupted brain state you have to go into when you’re coding, and it requires an uninterrupted train of thought. Interruptions are very disruptive to developers when they’re in that brain state. So one of the major advantages of working remotely is that you’re not being subjected to constant interruptions; any of our developers will tell us that. It’s a clear advantage to not be in the office.”

It can be argued, therefore, that developers working remotely are more productive than those in the office; a claim very elegantly illustrated by Jason Heeris of The Slightly Disgruntled Scientist in the awesome comic below.

developers working remotely

Developers, we want to hear from you! Are you more productive working remotely or in the office?

Jenna Weiner

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