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Week of 11/15/2013:

Inc. | The Coolest Cubicles In The World
Work today doesn’t have to take place in stereotypical, dreary offices or crowded coffee shops. From self-contained pods to unique concepts for office design, Carolyn CutroneChristine Lagorio-Chafkin, and Eric Markowitz showcase nine futuristic workspaces that are pushing the boundaries of design and function.

Harvard Business Review | Research: Cubicles Are The Absolute Worst
What separates thriving, positive office environments from stressful and unproductive ones? Recent research by Jungsoo Kim and Richard de Dear at the University of Sydney suggests that workplace satisfaction and strong work product hinges largely on sound privacy and personal space. Drawing from their analyses, Sarah Green discusses worker preferences for enclosed offices and private space over partitioned cubicles.

The Telegraph | Return Of Cottage Industries As Almost 3m Britons Work From Home
According to Britain’s Office for National Statistics, 33 percent more Britons now choose to work from home than did in 2001. Steven Swinford describes how self-employment, entrepreneurship and increased flexible work options have all contributed to the growth of remote work in the past decade.

Fast Company | 6 Work-From-Home Snafus—And How To Fix Them
For some, remote work can be an escape from distractions at the office and an opportunity for uninterrupted focus—with the right setup. From bothersome pets to overly casual video conference attire, work-from-home snafus can be easy to fall into. In this article, Laura Vanderkam points out six common at-home mistakes that can get in the way of productivity or your reputation.

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