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It seems every emerging startup hub worldwide aims to recreate the unique entrepreneurial conditions of California’s Silicon Valley. But is that possible—or even advised?

In his previous column for, oDesk VP of International & Enterprise Matt Cooper interviewed Jon Bradford, the managing director of Techstars London about why entrepreneurs should think more like athletes. In his latest article—part II of that interview—Matt and Jon discuss how startups might actually benefit from being located outside Silicon Valley, and how other entrepreneurial hubs shouldn’t necessarily aim to be the next Silicon Valley.

In particular, Matt asks, “What’s next for start-ups? Is a new Silicon Valley on the horizon?” To which Jon responds:

The world doesn’t need another Silicon Valley. The world needs more bridges. We’ve seen all of the U.S. start-up hubs evolve–New York, Boston, Austin, Boulder, Chicago–and I’m seeing the same thing happen globally. There is only one Silicon Valley and I don’t think there will ever be another place like it. The good news is we don’t need one, we just need more ways to connect to it.

The model that will develop is similar to the Internet, with regional nodes driving the global expansion of startups and entrepreneurship. Some nodes will be stronger than others, and they may be strong in different things–certain industries, skill sets or business models. If one node goes down due to the economy or politics, traffic will shift through another node or several other nodes. This is great news for the global start-up ecosystem, as it will become more efficient and resilient over time.

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Matt Cooper

Vice President of International & Enterprise

Matt Cooper, oDesk’s Vice President of International & Enterprise, has more than a decade of executive operating experience in both start-ups and Fortune 500 companies. Previously, as a member of the executive team at Accolo, Inc., a recruiting services and technology firm, he grew the business from one employee into one of the top 50 companies on the Inc 500 list. He also co-founded a… read more