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Week of 12/13/2013:

Forbes | Study Reveals Surprising Facts About Millennials in the Workplace
Six in 10 students say they are not considering a career in business, and 48 percent say they have not been encouraged to do so, according to recent research on Millennials by Bentley University. But is this because of business leaders, educators, or the Millennials themselves? Sharing key findings from the comprehensive survey, business strategist Shama Kabani offers her perspective on the sociological reasons she feels contribute to the results. Regardless of why Millennials are different, Kabani notes that they are quickly becoming the majority of the workforce, forcing businesses to reassess archaic workplace rules and structures. | How to Stay Healthy When You Work From Home
Working from home has many benefits: limited exposure to germs and contagious illnesses, ability to get more sleep, and reportedly lower stress levels as compared to those who work from an office. It can, however, have a negative impact on your health. Brie Weiler Reynolds of FlexJobs shares her advice for maximizing your productivity and well-being when working from home—starting with scheduled time to “get up and move around.”

Fast Company | The 5 Best and Worst Things About Working From Home
Working from home has its trade-offs, with drastic differences in day-to-day interactions, responsibilities, and motivations when compared to being in an office. Writer Miles Kohrman asked: “Is working from home a blessing, or a curse?” Responses poured in, and among them common themes emerged. For every positive, there was a related negative trait identified: “freedom” and “no boundaries” were included, for example. Can you guess which one is which?

TechCocktail | Jason Fried Responds to Marissa Mayer’s Remote Work Policy at Yahoo!
Months after Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer’s decision to ban working from home, it continues to create buzz among professionals. Earlier this month, Jason Fried—who co-authored the recently released book, “Remote: Office Note Required”—weighed in at an event in Chicago. “I don’t think Yahoo!’s problems were tied to the 3 percent of remote workers that they had,” he observed, suggesting that eliminating flexible work policies may reflect poor performance and mediocre results.

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