The Way We Work

The beginning of a new year is a natural time to make resolutions about your success, both personally and professionally. For women, achieving the latter can present some unique challenges.

In this pursuit, there’s no better resource than other, successful businesswomen. oDesk VP Jaleh Bisharat offers her own advice to women—in the form of 7 habits—in this article from her Huffington Post column. She writes about general best practices as well as tips for how to keep yourself relevant in an ever-evolving marketplace:

“It used to be that you attended university and then you went to work. Now, the demand for skills is changing fast. No matter how experienced you are, you need to be nimble. With options like Coursera, General Assembly and more, successful people view education as a continuous, lifelong pursuit.”

Read the rest of Jaleh’s 7 habits for successful women here!

Jaleh Bisharat

Senior Vice President of Marketing

Jaleh Bisharat, Elance-oDesk’s senior vice president marketing, is a seasoned marketing executive with a history of growing startups into vibrant brands that inspire passion in their customers. Before joining oDesk, she was the vice president of marketing at several innovative companies including OpenTable, Jawbone and, and also served on the Board of Directors at OpenTable and Homestead Technologies. Jaleh received a Bachelor of the… read more