The Way We Work

Freelancers and entrepreneurs often have the freedom to work from home. To get the most from those hours, we organize a workspace to make it our own.

But in most cases, this space still blends into the rest of the house; this makes it more difficult to get into work mode than if the office was elsewhere.

One fix is to create an office space that reflects your personality while also promoting hard work and creativity. I sometimes dream of creating a space so awesome, it could only be described as…well, ridiculously awesome!

Here are my top five inspirations, starting with the least ridiculous.

 1. The Mini

This Mini Cooper desk gives a whole new meaning to “racing deadlines”!

ridiculous home office: Mini Cooper desk

2. The Beach

We all dream of working on the beach, but suspect none of the people in those beach photos is actually working. This is the solution!

ridiculous home office: beach desk

3. The Underseas Adventure

Although this is not currently a home office, I can easily see the potential for an adaptation—complete with sound effects.

ridiculous home office: nautical desk

4. The Rainforest

No, this is not real—but it could be. It would be just like being outside, but without the bugs!

ridiculous home office: rainforest desk

5. The Aquarium

This aquarium rendering would be impossible to build, but is my absolute favorite. Not only does it feel inviting, it would keep the cat off the keyboard!

ridiculous home office: aquarium desk

These five offices may not be practical—or even possible—but the idea of creating something functional, comfortable, attractive and inspiring should play a huge part in how you design your workspace. Get creative and create a unique space of your own that will bring out your best work.

Which one is your favorite? Tell us in the comments!

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Melanie Feltham

Contributing Author

Melanie Feltham is a full-time freelancer who specializes in social media and search engine marketing. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in English and Linguistics, a Bachelor of Science Honors in Psychology, and a Master of Business Administration.