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Week of 1/31/2014:

CNBC | Obama: Is The Job Of The Future A Freelance One?
In Tuesday’s State of the Union address, President Obama emphasized shrinking unemployment rates across the country. However, a key explanation for the job growth went unmentioned: one in three Americans (roughly 42 million people) now work in part-time, contract or freelance jobs. Citing research and predictions from CareerBuilder, oDesk and Elance, Elaine Pofeldt contends that freelancers will play an increasingly important part in a resurgent U.S. economy.

Entrepreneur | How To Make It As A Freelance Entrepreneur
Would you describe yourself as a freelancer, entrepreneur, or both? The two labels share strikingly similar mindsets: Both market themselves, set their own goals, and derive their success from building personal networks with clients and peers. Jon Salm shares five key skills and recommended tools to help you launch your independent career.

Forbes | Work Life Integration: The New Norm
Keeping your professional and personal lives separate has long been popular advice in the corporate world, but the new reality is “work-life integration.” Pointing to always-on mobile technology, a rising millennial workforce with different habits and expectations, as well as the growth of remote work, Dan Schawbel demonstrates why and how the old adage may no longer hold true.

The Economist | Remote Possibilities
“Does our location change the quality of our work?” asks The Economist’s “Gulliver” travel blog. While today’s technology enables us to work from anywhere in the world, how do our surroundings affect the work we do? Writing while travelling might spur creativity, or leave your thoughts disjointed—depending on the circumstance. In either case, the rise of remote work will come to redefine the way we think about business travel.

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