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Week of 1/10/2013:

Forbes | New Tech Eliminates Going To The Office, Among Top Job Perks
More than ever before, companies are showering employees with perks both inside and outside of the office. Founder of Chess Media Group Jacob Morgan suggests that flexible work arrangements are the most sought-after of these benefits. In an interview with Rose Jacobs, Morgan explains why results-oriented company cultures, readily available collaborative technology, and clear remote work guidelines form the foundation for successful flexible work.

Harvard Business Review | Hire By Auditions, Not Resumes
Automattic, the company responsible for creating WordPress, takes its team structure to the next level with 225 employees working from 190 cities around the world. Founder Matt Mullenweg details their unique audition-based hiring process, adapted specifically to vet remote candidates. While he acknowledges that hiring talent this way is more time consuming in the short-run, their extremely low turnover rate goes to show how effective giving trial projects can be.

The Guardian | Many More Of Us Will Work From Home — Or A Cafe — Says BT Futurologist
Dr. Nicola Millard is constantly forecasting how our working lives will change; it’s actually her full-time job as a futurologist at British Telecom (BT). Her observation that “work can now be a state of mind, rather than a place,” holds wide-ranging implications for knowledge workers everywhere—not just at BT. From using advanced conference call technology to pick up conversational subtleties to redesigning office layouts, Juliette Garside describes why Millard’s vision for the future of work is arriving sooner than you might think.

Lifehacker | Five Things I Wish I Had Known When I Started Working For Myself
Thinking about freelancing or launching your own business? Aside from the obvious shifts in autonomy and freedom, there’s quite a bit to consider before making the move away from salaried positions. Speaking from years of freelancing experience, Melanie Pinola shares her own tips, tricks, and tools to approach independent work effectively.

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