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Week of 1/3/2014:

Harvard Business Review | To Make Virtual Teams Succeed, Pick the Right Players
Virtual teams work together without the in-person meetings, water cooler discussions, and other in-office subtleties that color a workplace. So how do leaders work around these hurdles to promote remote collaboration and communication? Keith Ferrazzi explains why team size, structure, and personality composition can be critical to success when organizing virtual or co-located teams.

U.S. News and World Report | 7 Ways To Be Better At Your Job In 2014
With 2013 in the past, the time has come for New Year’s resolutions, annual performance reviews, and a new set of career goals for 2014. Drawing on insights from Dan Schawbel and other career experts, Aaron Guerrero shares his tips for improving your professional performance in the new year.

The Next Web | 5 Ways To Build Company Culture With A Virtual Team
Great culture plays a crucial part in any company’s long-term success, guiding tough decisions while boosting productivity and collaboration. John Stelmach gives advice on engaging remote employees and sharing your company culture beyond office walls.

GigaOM | The Future Of Work: 4 Trends For 2014
As the pace of change in the business world constantly accelerates, looking ahead to new technologies and workplace shifts is more important than ever. So what does 2014 hold for the future of work? Stowe Boyd details his predictions for workplace trends and innovations to emerge over the upcoming year.

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Marketing Intern

Ryan Fan is a Marketing Intern at oDesk. He currently attends Georgetown University in Washington D.C., where he is pursuing a B.S.B.A in Marketing and Management.