The Way We Work

Let’s face it, most offices are pretty boring. Straight lines, rows of rectangular desks, maybe the occasional arm chair. Yawn.

What can you do to spice things up? If money was no object, these five fabulous pieces of office furniture would be a good start. (And yes, you can actually buy these—click on the images to go to the manufacturers’ websites!)

The Emperor 200

This is the ultimate computer workstation and could totally make you feel like a member of a futuristic science program.

The Emperor 200

The Ovei Pod

While this pod can be a great place to take a break, it’s actually a fully customizable immersive media experience. Three cheers for uninterrupted conference calls (and naps)!

Ron Dennis in the Ovei Pod

B-52 Ejection Chair

For those moments when you might need a quick escape.

B-52 Ejection Chair

The Conference Bike

As long as you are not the one trying to record meeting minutes, this sure seems like a fun way to conduct meetings.

Conference Bike

The Elliptical Machine Desk

Because sometimes, you just don’t have time to get to the gym. This desk claims to burn about 4,000 calories per week as you pedal at a slow pace that won’t break your concentration—or a sweat.

Elliptical Machine Office Desk

Which one is your favorite? Tell us in the comments!

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Melanie Feltham

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