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Week of 2/14/2014:

New York Times | Freelancers in the ‘Gig Economy’ Find a Mix of Freedom and Uncertainty
Facing unemployment last year, Josh Springer decided to look for freelance work as a website developer and social media consultant. One of 146,477 New York City-based members of the Freelancers Union, Springer has joined a wave of millennials creating their own opportunities outside of the 9-to-5 office routine. Quoting Sara Horowitz of the Freelancer’s Union, Rachel Swarns explains that Springer is one of many who are “establishing a new way to work—and in the process, they’re cultivating a new way of life.”

HBR Blog | Where Are All The Self-Employed Workers?
While most recent news points towards a growing freelance economy, last week’s Bureau of Labor Statistics report showed a decline in the number of U.S. self-employed workers. What accounts for the difference? Taking a deeper look at U.S. Census data, Justin Fox gives a detailed analysis of occupational trends, uncovering how independent workers are actually growing in number across a long tail of specialized jobs.

Tech Cocktail | How To Build A Quality Startup Team In A Competitive Market
Successful startups are rapidly adopting creative techniques to attract all-star employees—especially in competitive markets. Insightly CEO Anthony Smith explains his approach to hiring, training and mentoring the best talent, regardless of location.

AGBeat | New Data On Virtual Teams, Telecommuting In A Global Economy
From advances in communication technology to shifting attitudes toward office culture, telecommuting trends are reshaping the way the people around the world go to work. Marti Trewe presents an infographic from USC Annenberg School for Communication detailing how virtual teams fit into the future of work.

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