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Week of 2/21/2014:

USA Today | A Cafe For The Freelance Nation
Do you often find yourself working in coffee shops and cafés? If so, “coffices” might be worth checking out. In this article, Naimh Ni Mhaoleoin looks into Ziferblat, Urban Station, and other coffice chains that charge customers for time and use of desk space rather than hot drinks.

GOOD | Redefining What It Means To Love Your Employees
As more and more companies adopt remote work policies, how can they foster community between distributed team members? Drawing from her experience with social enterprises, Jasmine Youssefzadeh shares her tips for inspiring happiness, passion and a sense of belonging among co-located and remote employees.

New York Times | Small Business, Joining a Parade of Outsourcing
Small businesses are increasingly able to compete with larger enterprises by tapping into the online workforce—a trend that could spur a previously unseen redistribution of global wealth. A recent paper by the National Bureau of Economic Research found that “contractors in low-income countries with the right skills can receive a substantial wage boost by participating in an online marketplace.” Phyllis Korkki examines the effects digital contract work is having on small businesses and freelancers around the world.

Tech Radar | Driving Towards Flexible Working
Given major advances in mobile, video conference and online work technology, it’s now easier than ever for employees to avoid difficult commutes while keeping up productivity. Citing their recent study on worker preferences, Citrix’s Andrew Millard advocates for UK businesses—which have faced a winter of record rain and poor driving conditions—to embrace telecommuting.

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