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Week of 2/28/2014:

Fast Company | How To Build (And Sustain) A Remote Workforce
Even if you’re located in a highly competitive job market, the best candidates for your team might not be anywhere near. So how can you reach and recruit talent beyond your company’s 50-mile radius? Bizo’s Jen Augustin points to remote work, sharing her tips for hiring, managing, and helping your flexible workforce succeed.

Quartz | American Men Work From Home More Than Women
There’s a belief that flexible work is a women’s issue—and that it particularly benefits moms—but surveys repeatedly show that remote work is gender neutral. The latest survey, by Flex+Strategy Group, found that 36 percent of American men work remotely most of the time, compared to 23 percent of women. Drawing on other research, Vickie Elmer explains that remote work isn’t a perk; it’s increasingly a core business strategy.

The Motley Fool | Wearables To Transform The Office
Google Glass, Samsung Galaxy Gear, and Jawbone Up are just the first steps in the coming wave of wearable devices. The real opportunity, Scott Amyx proposes, will be harnessing their widespread use for business productivity. In this article, he considers how these technologies can affect our productivity and collaboration in and outside of the workplace.

CNN Money | What It Takes To Telecommute Or Manage People Who Do
What’s the best policy for managing a team that telecommutes? In this “Ask Annie” column, one manager seeks advice for a team with some individuals who are well-suited for flexible work and others who may not be. In her response, Anne Fisher turns to remote work experts to review the personalities and skill sets that define the most successful telecommuters, and how management style may need to change to accommodate a team’s needs.

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