Working Remotely

Ally Basak Russell leads oDesk’s international marketing team — from San Francisco, London, Amsterdam, Paris, Sydney, Dhaka, Manila, Dublin, Oslo, Berlin, or anywhere else she can find a good Internet connection.

“I get inspiration and levity from new environments while furthering the marketing career I’m working hard to build,” she recently told Tanya Mohn in an interview for Forbes about becoming a successful Digital Nomad.

Determined to live and work abroad from the moment she graduated from college, but not sure how to turn that aspiration into a career path, Russell started by teaching English in Ecuador.

That was 10 years ago, and she’s learned a lot during her travels. She also takes advantage of the many digital tools that are now available, like apps, gadgets, and more reliable Wi-Fi.

“I’ve extracted a lot of advice from travel blogs, many of which [either] focus on personal growth through storytelling or chronicle a journey via Instagram, but I’ve had to assemble the more practical advice myself.”

What hands-on tools have helped Russell succeed? Check out the full interview, then make your own checklist from her top 10 lifehacker tips for Digital Nomads.

Amy Sept

Managing Editor

As the managing editor of the Upwork blog, Amy Sept works with regular and guest writers to share information that helps freelancers and businesses navigate the future of work. She owns Nimbyist Communications and helps non-profits, startups, and small business owners get their content marketing on track.