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Week of 3/21/2014:

The Guardian | Americans Love To Ask People ‘What Do You Do’? It’s A Habit We Should Break
Try describing yourself in one sentence. Did you identify yourself with a company, occupation, or career? More than ever before, Americans young and old are defining themselves independently from their work. Speaking with sociologists, Heather Long uncovers a subtle shift in the American work mentality driven by increased career movement, greater focus on work-life balance, and an uncertain economy.

The Washington Post | Feds Talk: What Is Telework Really Like?
A recent online reader survey found that 90 percent of U.S. federal employees are positive about telecommuting — an option that enables them to avoid bad weather or long commutes. Gathering remote work experiences from employees around the U.S., Josh Hicks shares readers’ opinions to highlight the pros and cons of teleworking.

Fast Company | The Future Of Business: 4 Ways Companies Will Change
The business world we live in has fundamentally changed; collaboration is becoming the new norm. With new ways to connect and work together, Dana Ardi makes her predictions for how companies, communities, customers, and leaders of the future will interact and innovate.

Wired | Work From Home Policies: Striking Balance In The Digital Age
How does a distributed company find the right balance between virtual interaction and face time? Pipelinersales’s Nikolaus Kimla compares his experience with his own virtual team with the situation Marissa Mayer faced at Yahoo! when she cancelled their telecommuting policy. Hiring self-starters and highly independent employees is one way to make sure remote teams are as successful as possible. However, he says businesses also need to recognize when sharing one location — for all or part of your team — is the right move.

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